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Marketing Plan

Here's how most other real estate agents market homes for sale:
  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • List Your Home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Put a yard sign on your front lawn
  • Provide a lockbox on the door
  • Place an ad in the local newspaper
  • Conduct an open house

Here's what we do differently to sell your home fast and for top dollar:

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

90% of your home is determined by price. Preparing an accurate and comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will help assist you with making the right decision concerning price.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Within 24 hours of listing your home with me, all real estate agents and their buyers will have access to your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Since 80-90% of all buyers are currently working with a REALTOR®, we want to expose your home to these agents for their potential buyers.
Macdonald Realty "For Sale" Sign

Our signs are distinct and recognizable within the community. Signs are important as they attract up to 35% of all direct contact with potential purchasers. A sign that is highly visible and unique will almost act as a magnet and draw people to it. Our new Macdonald Realty signs compel people who see them to take action using their mobile devices or Smartphones.
Company Announcement

REALTORS® represent a large network of interested buyers and sellers at any given time; therefore one of the first steps in marketing your home is to let other agents within our office know about the new listing. Macdonald Realty sends a daily announcement to all the REALTORS® in our offices telling them of the day's new listings. This is the first opportunity to get the word out.
Office Meeting

Conducted on a regular basis, office meetings are a great place to promote new listings to fellow Macdonald Realty agents. Promote Your Home to the Top Buyer Specialists in the Market

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 94% of all sales are made by 6% of the real estate agents. Most agents will take your listing and then wait for someone to sell it for them. We realize that your property may likely be sold to one of the top agent's buyers, and so we take an aggressive approach to constantly expose your property to these agents and their buyers.
Email Blast to South Surrey/White Rock REALTORS®

To gain maximum exposure among other REALTORS®, I send a personalized email to my personal database of more than 750 active real estate agents in South Surrey/White Rock and the surrounding areas.
Agent Tour

This weekly tour for all REALTORS® is a great way to promote your listing to agents from all companies.
Newspaper Advertising

Only Macdonald Realty offers exclusive colour advertising in The Vancouver Sun's prominent Business BC section. This is prime exposure on the back section of the newspaper.
Panoramic 360 Degree Virtual Tours

A professional videographer will visit your home and take 6 professional 360 degree panorama virtual tours. With the virtual tour capabilities offered by SeeVirtual360, prospective buyers can literally look around corners and behind doors without ever setting foot in the home. The advance-look opportunity is sure to move your home to the top of any prospective buyers' must-see lists. Your virtual tour will be posted on the following websites: Your virtual tour will be also be linked on the following websites:
  • (private databases for real estate professionals only)
Professional High Definition Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Good imagery is what makes a listing stand out. That's why our photography will show potential buyers more than just what the home or property looks like. The professionally captured and rendered photographs will communicate what it feels like to live there. Creating a visual connection with prospective buyers is the best first impression you can make.

Your High-Definition photos will be posted on the following websites: Your High-Definition photos will be also be linked on the following websites:
  • (private databases for real estate professionals only)
Accurate and Detailed Floor Plans

Whether or not a bedroom set, couch, or entertainment center is going to fit in a new home can only be determined by the dimensions of the room. Accurate and detailed floor plans by SeeVirtual360 will alleviate all the potential "will it fit?" nervousness many home buyers feel. When integrated with the virtual tour, these interactive floor plans can help offer an insiders view of your home that will make them stand out from all others.
Single Property Website

With 90% of buyers using the Internet to search for homes, single property websites have become the standard for marketing properties online because they attract buyers. Visit to see a sample single property website.
Text For Info™

Text For Info™ provides us with instant feedback on the interest in your home and allows us to follow-up with potential buyers immediately. This way, people who are walking, driving, or cycling by will be able to instantly get the information about your home via sms/text message, right when they have the interest, not making them wait and having to remember to do it when they get home.
Website Marketing

75% of buyers first start their search on the Internet. We provide a detailed listing of our properties for sale as well as any information about the area that a client might need. Most agents tell you that they are "advertising your home on the Internet" when really it is being advertised only on The fact is all MLS homes for sale automatically appear on We advertise your home for sale on numerous websites, and we always stay on the cutting-edge when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing your home online.

Your home for sale will automatically be displayed on the following websites:
Luxury Homes Marketing

Macdonald Realty offers an exclusive online luxury home marketing program, which includes:
Luxury Homes Magazine

Some agents may advertise your property in the local newspaper with nothing more than a 2-3 line description and often no photo. This is not an effective way to get buyers interested in your home. Your home will be showcased in the Luxury Homes Magazine with full colour and high definition photos. We generate a great number of calls through this publication alone.
Customized Postcards

We order customized "Just Listed" and "Open House" postcards and send them to the surrounding area and "feeder markets." Feeder markets are geographically close neighbourhoods where people live that may be in the market to move into a bigger home.
SentriLock Lockbox

You could have the best property in town, but if agents and buyers can't access a lockbox or your home at times that fit their schedule, it will greatly diminish the level of activity you receive for your property.
Personal Showings

I am available to personally show your home and meet with real estate agents and their buyers whenever they request a showing. This helps to build rapport, and also allows me to highlight the key features and benefits of your home.
Open Houses

Industry statistics show that less than 1% of homes are sold as a result of a traditional Open House. Despite this fact, we conduct an Open House soon after the listing just to be sure we leave no stone unturned.
Personal Property Brochure

Our marketing efforts will drive a number of potential buyers to your home. These buyers may also be viewing several other properties, and as a result, they tend to forget certain key features about each of them. When prospective buyers view your home, they will receive a high-gloss brochure which includes high-definition photos and floor plans of your home.
Information Highlight Sheets

To help all potential purchasers remember your house, a professional quality "Highlight Sheet" outlining the major selling points of your house is prepared and provided for them. Since most purchasers see several houses before making the decision to buy, a "Highlight Sheet" helps to separate your special home from all the rest.
High Quality CD

We provide prospective buyers with a professional, high quality CD which includes the panoramic virtual tours of your home. This way, when a buyer views your home, they walk away with not only a brochure and an information highlight sheet, but also a professional, high quality CD so they can re-visit your home from the comfort of their living room.
Centralized Showing Service

When an agent calls to schedule an viewing appointment, they will either call my mobile phone directly, or they will call my assistant at Macdonald Realty. I will receive an instant SMS text and an email alert requesting a showing of your property. After each showing, I personally follow-up with the agent to request feedback about the property. This feedback will be communicated to you so that you can make informed decisions when determining if there is a need for a price or condition adjustment.
Weekly Progress Report

You need to have the feedback from all the agents who saw your home, constant updates as to the current market conditions and how they affect your property, and updates as to marketing efforts in process to expose your home. For a successful sale to take place all parties must be educated and continually updated.
Calculate Seller Proceeds (Net Sheet)

This will allow you to know approximately how much you will net after the sale. Most agents won't offer to provide a net sheet. This is important because it will give you an idea as to where your bottom line is when negotiating an offer.
Coordinate All Financing and Closing Activities

Finding a buyer is just the beginning. I will assist you with all of the subsequent details that must be managed to ensure a successful real estate transaction. We will monitor every aspect of the closing daily to ensure no important details are overlooked.

If you would to receive my complimentary Seller Information Package that includes everything you need to know and consider before listing your home for sale, then please contact me for more information or call me at .
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          Erik did a great job of showcasing the home via print and digital media, and, as a result, the home sold much sooner than we had anticipated. - Barb Sweeney
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